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Author Topic: Top internet users: Philippines ranks 12th  (Read 3003 times)

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Top internet users: Philippines ranks 12th
« on: June 11, 2018, 01:06:00 AM »
How can that be, I guess because of all the cellphone plans that include facebook, twitter and the like.
Sixty-seven million out of the 104 million Filipinos – or 63 percent of the total population – are social media savvy and have been using the internet despite its slow speed, making Filipino netizens the 12th among the top 20 internet users globally.
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Re: Top internet users: Philippines ranks 12th
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2018, 06:31:51 AM »
I think the whole setup here is hard to wrap the head around.  But I think what you said has something to do with it. 

Internet cafe's are still big here.  Unless you're in a big city in the USA(at least in the midwest where I did most my living and traveling since the internet came to be) they do not exist.  Most small town the size of 25K and smaller just do not have them.  Nonexistent.  Just assumed that most have them in their home and its probably an accurate assessment. 

When I traveled on bike to all over the Northern Samar province before Tina started demanding I take the vans to travel anywhere further than the neighboring municipalities, I'd pass through the small communities that rest in the "jungle/forest" between the municipalities and down to the last one almost there was a internet cafe setup and full of people.  Or if you go to any government offices, most have it setup there also and the workers are on the net/fb at most times when their work is done. 

I think it's a large amount of people who never had it in their home, and maybe never even owned a smartphone, but are still on the net weekly, if not daily, by visiting the net cafes.  Hard to really get a good grasp of how many really know how to or do use the net because the way people access it are so different here.

Also, if this is accurate, then the statement you don't know what you don't have it doesn't bother you is spot on.  For that percentage of people to be using it here, despite how poor it is, is pretty remarkable.
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Re: Top internet users: Philippines ranks 12th
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2018, 04:20:22 AM »
The large numbers of call centers popping up can’t hurt those stats either.  I talk to quite a few people online that work in call centers and surf around chatting in between calls.
Home wi-fi albeit slow sometimes, is becomming pretty predominant. FB is riddled with users peddling wares, scammers trolling for dollars is pretty big business as well. 😂😂😂