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Author Topic: New SM Mall in Olongopo  (Read 3370 times)

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New SM Mall in Olongopo
« on: January 17, 2020, 11:52:09 AM »
After doing the annual check in at Olongopo BI Office yesterday (thanks guys, efficient as usual, in and out in 8 minutes) we went to the new SM mall.

This is known as SM Central, while the older one near the SMBA (walking) gate is re-named as SM Downtown.

Everythng is bright and clean (at the moment) on all 4 floors and most units are open. Normal SM retailers/shops, numerous coffee/donuts/fast food outlets and a Cyberzone with the usual suspects. LOL!

We were quite impressed by the 'Food Court' on the top floor. It is not like other SM food courts I've encountered, stuck are away from the light giving me an impression of watching eating time at the zoo. ;)
This one proper working ventilaton and large, floor to ceiling, windows with a good view of the west side of the town and the Zambales hills. Not only that, the tables and chairs are decently spaced - I no longer have to bend my knees under my chin to get seated  :)
A dozen or so food outlets and the hot food is served - HOT!  ;D

There is a baking supplies shop near the food court, into which the wife disappeared and came out with a big smile and a load of bags.
Dickies have a sale on, with 50% off most items. I bought a decent pair of (USA branded) jeans for PhP 800.
There is a mini ice rink on the 2nd floor - PhP 200 for 1 hour of hilarious fun!
The supermarket carries Tesco brand produce. We bought baked beans (PhP 68 for 420gm tin), English mustard (PhP 108 for 190gm jar) and red wine vinegar (PhP 138 for 350mL bottle) amongst other stuff.

A nice experience and not too many people there added to that. I noticed a lot of students around at lunch time. The mall is next door to 2 schools/colleges and probably in walking distance to others.


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