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Re: Manila Lockdown
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"it has the potential to kill millions of people."
You have the potential to win the lottery tomorrow. You have the potential to die in a car accident this week. There are a lot of POTENTIAL things that COULD happen IF they happen. I know you included that guy's whole article, but there has to be a balance between a worst case scenario and a realistic scenario. HIV killed around 1 million humans last year. The 2009 swine influenza pandemic caused around 200,000 deaths. The normal influenza virus caused around 500,000 deaths last year. So far, COVID19 has claimed around 21,000 lives. It's not over yet, but is it worse than malaria, dengue, hepatitis B, and ebola?

From the World Health Organization:
The Ten Biggest Killers
About 52 million people died from all causes in 1995, according to the report. Of these, more than 17 million were killed by infectious diseases.

Acute lower respiratory infections such as pneumonia killed 4.4 million people, about 4 million of whom were children.

Diarrhoeal diseases, including cholera, typhoid and dysentery, spread chiefly by contaminated water or food, killed 3.1 million, most of them children.

Tuberculosis killed almost 3.1 million, mostly adults.

Malaria killed 2.1 million people, including 1 million children.

Hepatitis B infections killed more than 1.1 million people.

HIV/AIDS killed more than 1 million people.

Measles killed more than 1 million children.

Neonatal tetanus killed almost 460 000 infants.

Whooping cough (pertussis) killed 355 000 children.

Intestinal worm diseases killed at least 135 000 people.

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Re: Manila Lockdown
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My kind of leader....I don't worry about the sky falling...JMHO....SIHTF....and ignorance is in the same race that the COVID19 is in right now.

 /r/ until 30 March 2020

To me ignorance is trying to peddle a panic when common sense should prevail.  Follow the published policies to keep the spread to the minimum, so hopefully the medical community can manage the situation.  The more testing done the more that will be identified as having COVID19, that is just a fact.  But once identified they can be treated/confined as appropriate or would it be better to not identify and let the infected roam freely and infect more individuals? The beast is out of the box and now is the time press forward with keeping the infected to a minimum.  Doctors are already saying this will be a yearly cycle like the other virus, but hopefully next year there will be a vaccine.

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Re: Manila Lockdown
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